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Corporate Crafting

What began as a way to attract attention during the job search turned into a recurring fun side project for Wolfram. Every holiday I tried to figure out a way to encorporate the company logo on something crafty...even eggs.


Wolfram 30th Anniversary crosstitich Thread on fabric 2018


Cupid Spikey 2018

Cupid Spikey
Wolfram Pumpkins

Wolfram themed pumpkins. Stephen Wolfram featured 2017

Stephen Wolfram Pumpkin
Vampire Spikey

Vampire Spikey

Spikey Costumes
Wolfram Eggs

Wolfram eggs. White egg is hand-blown & inked. 2016

Wolfram Eggs
Wolfram Spikey Snowflake

Wolfram Spikey Snowflake - Thread on Felt 2016

Wolfram Spikey
Spikey Detail
Wolfram "Wolfie" Ornament

Wolfram "Wolfie" Ornament - Thread on Felt 2016

Wolfram Pumpkin

Wolfram pumpkin 2015

Pumpkin detail
Pumpkin detail lit
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